Finola, Tristan & Emma have all returned to GH in Feb 2012 for Robin's apparent "death". Hopefully fans will also learn of Ethan's true parentage...


Tristan Rogers is doing some hosting at the Palm Beach Film Festival again this April: PBIFF website

Another link: IndieWire site

Emma Samms returns to GH and begins filming in April 2009, set to air for May Sweeps

They have introduced a new character Ethan who has been involved in scenes
with Luke, but the question is - who are his parents? Rumor is that Holly's
his mom, but who's the dad?
(ended up presumably Luke's, but fans are hoping he is really Robert's)


Tristan returned in December to see his first granddaughter- Emma
and for Robin & Patrick's wedding

Genie Francis returned again in the fall of 08

Tristan, Finola, John Reilly & Sharon Wyatt were all reunited
on GH Night Shift 2 - in a dream sequence. Also includes Mac, Luke & Robin.
Only thing missing is Holly, Frisco & Felicia!
Click here for a Youtube video, that is 3 parts to watch them all!: Roberts' 80's Reunion
Tristan returns to GH - Night Shift that is!
Finola has been reappearing on GH this summer/fall as well!
Genie Francis returning to GH in August!

Tristan also went to the GH Past Cast party on July 13th, 2008. Also in attendance were Ian Buchanan, John Reilly, Brian Patrick Clarke, etc.
Finola attended the Scrubs fan event

Tristan attended the Moondance Film Festival in Sep 2007

Pics of Tristan from Fun in the Sun Dec 3, 2006 - coming soon

Past events this year - Tristan Rogers was at the 12th annual West Palm Beach
International Film Festival - Apr 20/21, 2007, I will have links to the premiere photos coming soon
There is also a myspace for this, where you can read more details & watch the movie trailer:
Opportunity Knocks

Finola Hughes Fan Event was held Sun July 15, 2007 -photos from this event will be posted soon, for now go to Finola's site to read the details:
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TRISTAN & EMMA RETURNED IN 2006 AS ROBERT & HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

For all photos & articles on their return go to: Tristan & Emma 2006 articles

NEW: Read blogs of Robert & Holly, catch up on what they are most likely doing off-screen, while not in Port Charles:
Robert Scorpio's Blog
Holly Scorpio's Blog

Screencaps of Holly's 2006 scenes: Holly Screencaps

For screencaps of the other Scorpios in 2006, visit the Scorpio Files, there is a
lot to see there! The Scorpio Files

FINOLA HUGHES HAS RETURNED AS ANNA!!! She returned earlier last year and aired into September!

Articles related to Finola's return

Genie Francis returned as Laura!!!
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